Herman Beeftink, CEO of Elite Source Music, has made an extensive contribution to film and television with his musical compositions since arriving to America in 1982. He began his path towards musical success while attending the Utrecht Conservatory as a student of piano and composition. His development of original jazz methods lead him to become an educator in the Jazz Department from 1978-1982.

After moving to California, Herman began his career in Los Angeles as a studio musician on many popular TV shows including Cheers, Home Improvement, Roseanne and 7th Heaven. In the early ‘90s, Herman worked as a TV and film composer on several films for the History Channel and composed 110 episodes for the TV series Miami Sands. Herman also wrote many classical piano and string pieces featured on the hit WB series
Gilmore Girls.

Herman still contributes additional music to numerous films and television shows. You can hear his compositions in the box office hits ‘Lions For Lambs’, ‘The Hangover: III’, ‘The Simpsons Movie’, ‘X-Men Origins’ and ‘Freaky Friday’. He continues to work out of his studio in Los Angeles, CA, where he recently
composed additional music for the box office hit ‘The Hangover Part III’ starring Zach Galifianakis and Bradley Cooper.

For more information on his work, please see his full list of credits on IMDB.